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Left to right- Brian Nelson and Darius Vanable.


The Ogilvie Lions boys basketball team enters the new season with new coaches and a positive outlook, emphasizing fundamental skills and a dynamic style of play.

The Lions wrapped up a disheartening 2018-19 season with a 0-22 record, eighth place in the Great River Conference and 10th in Section 5A South. The team was eliminated from postseason play by a loss to Onamia.

First-year head coach Sam Weaver had this to say about the 2019-20 season:

Q: What’s different for this season’s team, compared to last season?

A: We’re working towards building a new culture for Ogilvie basketball. We have new faces: coaches, players and managers. Assistant coach Dylan Altendorf and I are introducing offensive and defensive strategies that focus on fundamental basketball and promote a fast-paced game.

Q: What challenges do you expect the team to face this year?

A: With almost everything being new, there’s bound to be some frustration during the learning process. One challenge we’ll face will be to focus on the accomplishments we make on a day-to-day basis, and to push to meet our goal of getting better every day.

Q: How does the coaching staff prepare for a new season?

A: Coach Altendorf and I are meeting and communicating about the direction of the program - what game style to follow, our offensive and defensive strategies, and how we can build up our youth program. 

Q: What makes a player a good team captain?

A: A good team captain leads by example and pushes his teammates to be the best they can be on and off the court.

Q: How do you think participation in athletics affects students beyond the basketball court?

A: I believe that participating in athletics provides opportunities to learn major life lessons. It builds a work ethic and determination, teaches an ability to take and interpret constructive criticism and helps an individual to be the best that they can be. 

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to mention about the upcoming season?

A: Go Lions!

The Lions open the season at home on Friday, Dec. 6 as they host Isle.

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