Junior Tahlia Hendricks set the Mora High School female squat record with a 360 pound squat. 


The annual Mustang Speed and Strength Exhibition was held March 11 at the Mora High School Auditorium. There were 75 student athletes in grades 9-12 who were awarded Athletic Letters in the Speed and Strength program.

Junior James Hentila Broke three School Records on stage: 

1. Bench 370 pounds

2. Clean 300 pounds

3. Squat 530 pounds becoming the first Mora High School student athlete to lift a combined 1200 pounds.

Sophomores Logan Lunde and Brenden Connolly each set personnel records in their lifts earning a place in the 800 Pounds Club.

Junior Tahlia Hendricks set the Mora High School female squat record with a 360 pound  squat.

Junior Jack Kemp Cleaned 270 pound placing him third all time in Mora High School history.

Sophomore Zach Eisenmenger earned his 600 pounds Barbell Club spot with his lifts setting personnel records in each.

Other lifters that performed were senior: Emalie Bohachek,

Juniors: Kobe Swanson, Derrick Kohlgraf, and Sierra Thomson

Sophomore: Autumn Peterson

Freshmen: Josh Bankers and Tucker Hass, and eighth graders: Nora Houglum and Brock Folkema.

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