Ogilvie/Mora swim team seniors Cassie Devito (team manager) and Alivia Sanborn. 


Ogilvie/Mora Swimming and Diving Head Coach Sara Miller shares about the upcoming 2020 season:

How is the makeup of the varsity team different from last year?: We graduated 8 seniors last year. Most of those girls started in varsity when they were in 7th grade. We had a lot of girls step up and we have a solid team moving forward. Our team is quite young but very passionate about the sport. It will be exciting to see what they do in the upcoming years. 

How has the coronavirus pandemic changed the team’s goals and priorities for the season?: Well, the unknown-ness of sections and state has been hard for a couple of the girls as they would be competing at that level, but we tried to create their goals to encompass a postseason along with just our dual meets. This year is definitely a growing year for our team so it’s nice for some of those younger swimmers to get their feet wet without having so many away/weekend meets. 

What changes are most challenging and how are the athletes adapting to those changes?: The biggest change is the competition aspect. With the new guidelines, there are no spectators at the meets, which makes it fine for some swimmers, but it creates a different atmosphere. We are only allowed 4 per lane which restricted our practice times to be shorter. We also had to split our 38 person team into two pods which caused some swimmers to have more dryland than others.

We are trying our best to make the most out of this season. It’s hard when our team is known for their team bonding as a whole and with the new guidelines, we are restricted as to what we can and can not do. 

What can the community do to show their support this year?: We are live streaming all of our meets. It would be great to see more “viewers” so the swimmers can see the community supports our team.

We also were unable to do any fundraising this year due to the limited restrictions, if you are willing to donate any money for the team to purchase equipment, that would be wonderful. If you’d like the link to one of our meets or would be willing to donate, you can find a swim parent or email ogilvie.moraswim@gmail.com and we can put you on the mailing list.

What do you hope these young athletes will take away from their sports experience this season?: We hope that they still are able to love this sport even with its challenges this year. Our captains are trying to make the atmosphere as cohesive as it can be for all of the swimmers. We hope that they stick around this season to try a “full” season next year.

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