The Mora Mustangs girls tennis team is off to a strong start this fall, thanks in part to dedicated leadership from two senior captains who have played together since sixth grade.

“We’ve had consistent leadership over the last couple of seasons, and we’ve continued to build on that,” said head coach Mara Sjodin. “We have two senior captains, Grace Harmon and Kelsey Reynolds, and also a lot of strong leaders throughout the team. Grace and Kelsey were in my first sixth-grade class, so I’ve been able to coach them all the way along. It’s been nice to see them grow.

“We started out strong this fall. We’ve had great success with our doubles teams and a lot of improvement in our singles; a couple of girls who played doubles last year have transitioned over as our third and fourth singles. They’re a lot more confident in their game.”

Sjodin believes that the captains’ mindset and attitude makes a big difference on the team. “In tennis, if you’re not ready to compete on the first day, it’s over before you know it. And when the captains work hard, most of the time everybody else does too,” she said. “The parents are also very supportive, helping the girls get lessons and court times in the offseason.”

The Mora team also includes six juniors, three sophomores and 12 ninth-graders. “Mora tennis has taken things to the next level, and we’re very excited about the future we have ahead of us,” Sjodin said. “With the resources we have, like the Wellness Center and the new tennis courts at the Mora Elementary campus, we’re able to do well. I anticipate these will help us build our program and grow.”

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