Vasa 2004

One kilometer equals .62 miles.  That doesn’t sound like much, but the distance became the length of the newly installed lighted ski trail at the Nordic Center.  Installation takes time since electricity needs to be made available to each lamppost. The following year, the trail will be extended 2km for a total distance of 1.86 miles, giving skiers a respectable length for night skiing.



Vasaloppet is ready to host the first International Vasaloppet Student Cultural Exchange in the summer of 2003 for students from Sweden and Japan, but it is canceled due to the SARS epidemic in Japan.

In late January, plans are being made to hold the race once again on Knife Lake - for the third consecutive year. Later, the weather changed. Enough snow came five days before the race to miraculously allow a full Warman to Mora race. 

The traditional Snow Dance held at the American Legion the night before the race and hosted by the Kranskullas, is no longer being held.

Both winners of the 58km race can now choose either the trip to the Swedish Vasaloppet or $1000 cash prize.

The Board started to discuss the topic of snowmaking and visited Duluth to check out snowmaking equipment.

Changchun, China hosts their first Vasaloppet race in March.

It is the 80th Anniversary of the Swedish Vasaloppet.

Side note:  Current Board member LeRoy Youngblom completes the Worldloppet circuit to become a Master Skier–Brook Park’s first.


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