Over the past two beautiful autumn weekends, friends, neighbors, family, local residents and long-time customers of Holistic Homestead Herbal Creations have found themselves driving north of Mora to a beautifully restored farmhouse at the intersection of Olympic St. and County Road 19. 

The farmhouse in question is home to one of Mora’s newest businesses; Holistic Homestead Farm Boutique, owned by Candice and Justin Brockner. 

It’s possible you’ve heard of the Holistic Homestead brand of herbal remedies, skin care products, pregnancy, postpartum, and infant products and soaps. Candice has been making herbal remedies for the past six years and selling them on her website and at Bread & Honey Pantry for the past three years. 

Their boutique features a product mix described as “home goods that are practical and unique;” practical kitchen goods for families aiming to be self-sufficient in their food preparation (cast iron cookware, sourdough kits, fermentation starter kits, etc), home decor, candles, products for children and new mothers, toys, puzzles and books, the entire Holistic Homestead product line, and much more.

When the site of the new shop “came up for sale in June, we saw the opportunity to expand our land for growing.” Candice and Justin grow all sorts of herbs that are used in their Holistic Homestead line. As a certified holistic nutritionist and family herbalist, she aims to create “handmade products that are alive with the spirit of the maker.” She feels the best way to do that is by growing and harvesting as many of the ingredients as possible.

They had long contemplated opening a storefront in Mora to sell Holistic Homestead products, but the farmhouse on their new land seemed an even better fit—it has the homestead charm, a beautiful old barn, and lots of space and potential to dream. After a summer of cleanup, renovation and hard work, the shop was finally ready to open. 

The shop has all of the character of a beautiful old farmhouse - and the scents and sights you’d expect in a beautiful boutique. “The feedback we’ve gotten is that people really like to come to this sort of environment, people feel that it’s like homey here.” 

Candice and Justin were deeply grateful and frankly overwhelmed by the volume of interested customers who visited their store on opening weekend (Oct 8-10.) They estimate roughly 400 curious customers visited over the three days. “Friday we had a steady line of people waiting to check out for at least the first three hours… It was awesome, far beyond what we expected. We’re very grateful.”

They have visions for the future of their property that go beyond the shop. They have plans of doing a pumpkin patch and farm stand next year and visions of fall festivals, a petting zoo, vendor fairs and more. In the short term, however, they are getting into raising milk goats, which arrive soon. “We have big goals and they take a lot of work and time ... we’re hoping by next year to at least have a pumpkin patch.”

The Holistic Homestead is currently open Saturdays 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. -3 p.m. at 2396 250th Ave., Brook Park, MN. They update their hours at their facebook page https://fb.com/HolisticHomesteadMN or check the website: www.naturallyinspiredhealth.com.

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