Local government units have finalized their 2022 budgets and levies; each will impact local property taxes in their own way. 

Property taxes are based on levies set by local governments (a.k.a. “taxing units”) and the value and classification of a property.  Local taxing units can include your county, township, school district and city or town. 

These local governments use property taxes to help pay for things like libraries, schools, roads, fire protection, police, public health, parks and other services. 

Typically, each property is taxed by several taxing units. For example, each property in Kanabec County is taxed by the county, a school district and a city or township.

Every September, each government unit reviews budgets and determines how much money they must levy from taxpayers to fund those budgets. 

Governments must first set a preliminary or proposed levy. Final levies are approved before Dec. 31 and can be less than the preliminary levy, but not more. 

These levies determine (in part) how much property owners pay in property taxes in the year 2022.

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