Wednesday, Aug. 18: At approximately 9:17 p.m. the Mora Area Fire Department was called to Brunswick Township where an abandoned trailer home and outbuilding were burning. The MAFD extinguished the blaze with 20,000 gallons of water.

Thursday, Aug. 19: At approximately 11:00 p.m. the Mora Area Fire Department was called to Edgewood Lane in Mora where a one pound propane tank was found on top of a gas kitchen stove that had a burner on underneath it. The propane tank appeared to have released the fuel. MAFD entered the kitchen area and used a minimal amount of water to extinguish the flame and cool the stove top area

Monday, Aug. 23: At approximately 4:49 p.m. the Mora Area Fire Department was called to Knife Lake Township where a pole shed was on fire. MAFD saw visible smoke from the fire house. Prior to arrival they requested water and manpower from the Brook Park and Ogilvie fire departments. Upon arrival the MAFD  encountered a fully involved structure and contents pole shed fire. East of the shed was a small grass fire and a stacked woodpile that was also on fire. Responding agencies used water to knock down and extinguish the structure and contents which were a total loss. The southeast corner of the structure had a swarm of ground bees but no one was stung. The owner said he was welding on a vehicle and didn’t notice any smoke, sparks or flame. He doused the area with water out of caution anyway. A short time later he noticed the shed was fully engulfed. He believed the welding was the cause of the fire. Approximately 100,000 gallons of water were used to extinguish the blaze.

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