During the past year the Kanabec County Economic Development Authority, along with a local group, Accelerate Kanabec County, has been exploring ways to bring high-speed/ broadband internet service to all Kanabec County residents and businesses. Kanabec County has the lowest access to broadband service in the state while the need for high-speed service has never been greater.

With the approval of the Kanabec County Board of Commissioners and a matching grant from the Blandin Foundation, the EDA received funding to hire an engineering firm to do a feasibility study. The firm, HR Green, will document existing facilities available and provide an estimate of what it will take to bring high-speed internet to every home and business in our county.

The results of the study are due to be presented to the Commissioners on Feb. 15, 2022. At that time, the EDA will have the information needed to find appropriate partners and apply for grants and funding to meet our goal of a complete solution for all of Kanabec County.

Residents may have seen news of the expansion of services by some providers. In the news recently, we learned of East Central Energy exploring the possibility of offering fiber to the home. The goal of the EDA is to find a solution for all of Kanabec County and is staying in contact with all possible partners to achieve that goal.

This spring will bring us more information, and we will keep you up-to-date on what we learn.

If you are interested in more detail, contact EDA Director, Heidi Steinmetz, at 320-209-5031 or heidi.steinmetz@co.kanabec.mn.us.

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