Reducing negative stigma and providing resources to help the community care for their mental health is the goal of a free mental health awareness and community connection event this Saturday. 

The “Step On Stigma” walk will be from 10 a.m.- 12 pm. May 14 at the Welia Center, 200 North 9th Street, Mora. 

The event will include the option for walking around the track, activities for kids and adults, prizes, dancing and plenty of resources and information. 

The event is hosted by Recovering Hope Treatment Center, Welia Health, Better Together, and Northern Minnesota Suicide Prevention and Crisis Text Line. 

Kanabec County Community Health Promotions Coordinator Patti Miller said, “The goals for the Step on Stigma Event are simple: Raise awareness about mental health and wellness, mental health resources in our community, and continuing to change the narrative about mental health so people/communities are not afraid to talk about it.

“Globally, nationally, and locally many have experienced some difficult times over the past two years. Each person handles life’s challenges with a different set of tools. Finding ways in which we can stay mentally well or improve our mental wellness means we can be more resilient and add tools to our tool box.”

Recovering Hope President Sadie Broekemeier said mental health is a community issue — and not something someone has to navigate by themselves. 

“We want to make sure we are treating mental health as ‘we’llness not ‘I’llness.  Please come help us reduce the stigma and to help individuals know that they are not in this alone.”

Information at the event will include self-care techniques like incorporating good sleep habits, physical moment and mindfulness into their day-to-day routines.

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