Sarah Terpstra, a mom who once struggled with money, debt and living paycheck to paycheck, now helps others reduce their financial stress through her new money coaching business. 


A mother who once struggled with her money has found liberation from financial stress and empowerment. Now, she has made a business out of helping others find that same freedom. 

Mora resident Sarah Terpstra said, “I experienced financial stress, living paycheck to paycheck, being in debt, and digging my way out of it on my own was a lonely, difficult, long journey.”

This spring, Terpstra founded Simply Freedom Financial Coaching, her own money-coaching business. Since then, five of her clients have completed her program. The results she said has been eye-opening about people’s beliefs about and relationships with money.

As a mother of young children, Terpstra understands the impact financial stress can have on family.

“I am especially passionate about helping parents with kids under the age of 10 to improve their financial situation, because when we are stressed about our money, we are more likely to be stressed in our relationships with our loved ones,” she said. “How easy is it to snap at your spouse, when you’re thinking about getting bills paid? Super easy. Figuring out the ‘money thing’ can help a bunch of that stress melt away and open the door to enjoying our relationships again.”

Terpstra has a Bachelor’s Degree in administration and management and has participated in several of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University programs. 

Still, she said it is her personal experiences that have been the most influential factor in her decision to coach others. 

What she has found for herself, and wants for others, is what she calls the ability to “live empowered.”

Terpstra explained, “Living empowered means you have a clear financial plan, you have prioritized your needs and made space for your wants.”

To learn more about Simply Freedom Financial Coaching, visit the website www.moneycoachsarah.com. Terpstra can be contacted via email at freedom@moneycoachsarah.com; she also provides free trainings twice weekly in her Facebook group: Simply Freedom with Money Coach Sarah.

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