Recovering Hope

Pictured left to right: Wendy Kiewel-Teacher, Marie Bergloff- LADC, Beth Good-Director of Psychiatric Services, Becky Sauter- Clinical Director, Erin Gibbons- Executive Director, Janet Wilkinson- Medical Director, Jessica Dvorak-Administrative Support, Nicki Miller- Daycare Director, Ray Ludowese- Board of Directors, Melanie Mainquist- Board of Directors, Pattie Oster- Board of Directors, Mike Oster- Board of Directors.

Recovering Hope Treatment Center hosted its open house on Thursday, July 28 from 1 - 5 p.m. Recovering Hope is a new residential treatment center in town whose focus is women and children under the age of 5 or women who are not mothers, with alcohol and/or drug addictions. The center does low, medium and high intensity treatment, based on the needs of the patient. It is residential, meaning the person comes to the facility to live and complete the six-month program, where all needs will be provided while going through recovery.

Executive Director Erin Gibbons and her staff of about 30 are enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable, and her vision has been created with help from the community. There are six board members supporting the center, who provided the financial backing which allowed a brand new facility to be built. Beth Good, licensed psychiatrist from Kanabec Family Services will be available as will nurse practitioner Janet Wilkinson from FirstLight Health Systems.

The Workforce Center is putting together a program to assist with job seeking skills such as discovering individual strengths, the application process and mock interviews.  There is a local yoga instructor who will be teaching four mornings a week. Family Services is offering a parenting curriculum and SNAP Nutrition will be teaching healthy cooking. There is a daycare director, recovery technicians, a clinical director and certified teachers. 

Gibbons has many years’ experience working with families in the mental health field. She also helped open and directed Safe Haven, another local center for women. As she worked with these families, she began to envision a more holistic approach to treatment. She saw how mental health and chemical dependency often go together and parenting is one of the biggest triggers for newly-recovered patients. 

Gibbons wanted to create a treatment center on which all areas are focused on, not only the addiction, but also physical and mental health, parenting skills, and employment, all at a live-in facility for women and their children. There are only a handful of these types of treatment facilities statewide.

“We are a state-of-the-art facility. We are offering more services in-house than many other treatment centers,” stated Gibbons. “Most places one may have to wait up to 30 days to get any help. Here it will be the first three days of admission.” Most insurance will cover some or most of the costs. There is Rule 25 funding available through the county, after an assessment is completed. Once all paperwork is received by Recovering Hope, the intake team responds within 24 hours. A person is only turned away in an extreme case where there is a better option than the center.  

Recovering Hope hosts 77 beds, 30 of those set aside for children. There are private sleeping rooms, some holding up to three beds, as well as in-house daycare. Children can come have lunch and dinner with their mother and re-join her in the evenings. 

The kitchen is staffed with cooks who will provide home-cooked meals three times a day in their new stainless steel kitchen. There are several community rooms, where women have meetings and sessions throughout the day and in the evenings may relax to watch TV, read a book, do a craft or play with their kids. The large bathrooms contain private stalls and several showers and tubs. They are also in the process of having a playground built in their fenced backyard. 

If interested in finding out more information, call the Recovering Hope Treatment Center at 320-364-1300 or check out their website at They are anticipating being open to the public Aug. 1. 

Rachel Schmeltzer is a contributing writer for the Kanabec County Times.

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