Ogilvie resident Lyle Anderson stands with the massive boulder discovered during road construction of Hill Avenue in Ogilvie. It is estimated to weight 40,000 pounds and will be moved for display at Tower Park. 


“What’s the deal with the rock?”

These six words from Mayor Mark Nilson encapsulated what many in the city have been asking in recent weeks: What should be done with the massive boulder discovered during road reconstruction?

The rock, estimated at about 40,000 pounds, can currently be found resting next to the fire department, moved there by the crew working on the Hill Avenue/Rutherford Street project from its spot near the Finish Line Bar & Grill. According to Kanabec County Public Works Director Chad Gramentz, the gargantuan slab was discovered by a road contractor when excavating the subgrade in Hill Avenue. 

“The rock extended into the new road section, so we had it removed,” Gramentz said via email. When asked if the rock had been discovered before and previous road construction worked around it, Gramentz said he didn’t

believe this was the case. “The existing road section was not as deep as the new road, so it may have gone unnoticed in the past,” he said.

According to Councilmember Gary Baker, Steve Hass of Hass Construction has offered to move the massive stone to the southeast corner of the Tower Park. Baker added that the rock is the largest ever found in Ogilvie and that he would like to see some sort of indication of this, whether through engraving on the rock or a plaque, once it’s in place in the park.

The council agreed that moving the rock to the park was a good idea, especially since no costs will be incurred by the city. The decision was made at the regular meeting of the Ogilvie City Council on Wednesday, Sept. 15. 

The road construction project is expected to be completed in less than three weeks.

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