The Svenskarnasdag Girls’ Choir will perform at the Midsummer festivities on June 17. Photo is from the 2021 celebration.


The Dala Heritage Society invites community residents to join in the fun in celebrating Midsummer in the Swedish fashion at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 17, at the Library Park in Mora. 

 While it is possible to participate as easily as walking around in a circle, here is some information that gives a little background to prepare for the event. Midsummer in Sweden is as big a celebration as how Americans celebrate July 4. Many families have their own midsummer pole, decorated with leaves and flowers. Many communities like Mora, Minnesota and Mora, Sweden, offer a larger celebration in public gathering places. 

Community members decorate the pole, participate in the procession and help to raise it toward the sky, signifying new life after a long and dark winter. There are many song games that are traditionally performed around the pole, such as, “Små Grodorna” (the little frogs) and “Karusellen” (carousel). People of all ages from the very young to those who are young at heart join in the fun as they circle the pole and sing funny songs about the pastor’s crows who drive their car in the ditch or the fine musicians who play the bass fiddle and flute.

 Library Park is located at 200 W. Maple Ave., Mora. The Svenskarnasdag Girls’ Choir will perform after the pole is raised. Guests are invited to bring lawn chairs. To participate even further, meet the DHS members who will guide the decorating of the Midsummer pole at 9 a.m. Guests are invited to bring flowers to add to the colorful pole.

 For more information call 320-272-9951.

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