Mora Coborn’s Store Manager Dean Randt has cases of frozen turkeys stocked for the Thanksgiving Day rush.


Squeezing through a long hallway, packed along the way with everything from cereals to shampoo, Mora Coborn’s Store Manager Dean Randt opens the door to a freezer piled high with cases of whole turkeys, waiting to be cooked on Thanksgiving Day. 

The week before Thanksgiving can be one of the store’s busiest. 

“It can be very stressful but it’s really rewarding because we are making our guests’ holiday,” said Randt. 

“Sitting down on Thursday having Thanksgiving dinner, you say, hey, we contributed to that. We make it happen. The rewards outweigh the stress every time.”

Randt said the biggest challenges of managing the store are making sure all the right foods are in stock, and if they are not, that there is an acceptable substitution. This year has been particularly challenging because of nation-wide shipping delays. 

Randt said the key to having enough is knowing your community and keeping really good records. 

The most popular staples remain turkey, potatoes, green beans and pie — but every now and then something changes unexpectedly. Randt said some items suddenly spike in popularity due to a recipe fad, recalling one year when demand for artichoke hearts rose because people started making a new dip. 

While turkey remains king of the holiday, other families may choose another protein that is still special, but breaks from tradition. Randt said prime rib, seafood, and sometimes duck are also popular.

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