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Liz Eklund (left) and Kate Lombard (right) show simple, inexpensive baby toys parents can make at home. The women started a new business to help give parents tools to raise their children and help them parent more confidently.


A new organization in Mora offers parenting classes, social group opportunities, consulting services and community education for families with children.

Occupational therapist Kate Lombard and child care administrator Liz Eklund worked together at Welia Health, and opened Stability Families, Inc. in downtown Mora in March 2022. Their mission is to teach parents and give them the tools needed to not only raise their children but to understand how to help them.

“Business is slowly picking up,” said Lombard, “We provide training for children and their families. It’s an opportunity to deliver care in our community for families trying to make things work.”

Lombard said that the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on many children, with an increase in loneliness and depression. “We provide community-based care, play opportunities and parental support for families.”

Stability Families also helps when families are raising children with special needs. 

“Special needs” is an umbrella term for a wide array of diagnoses. Children with special needs may have developmental delays, medical conditions, psychiatric conditions and/or congenital conditions. These children require accommodations so children can reach their potential. Lombard said that Stability doesn’t turn away families “at the door” based on diagnoses, however; they seek out parental input about any conditions that require attention. Services are provided for all children, regardless of “special needs” identification.

In that way, they provide a unique difference from a hospital setting. “Hospitals deal with a child’s diagnosis but don’t provide education due to insurance requirements,” she said. “Instead, we provide low-cost services on a pay-as-you-go basis.”

To date, most referrals to Stability have come from word-of-mouth contact between families though some have also come from Kanabec and Pine County family services. 

Stability provides differing services throughout the year: activities, education and support for children and parents. For more information visit them online at, or phone them at 320-200-4491.

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