To the editor, 

Don’t question government.

Don’t question Dr Fauci.

Don’t question President Biden.

Don’t question the science.

Don’t question the mainstream media.

Don’t question the mandates.

Don’t question big pharma.

Don’t question the “experts.”

Don’t question authority.

I don’t understand this way of ridged thinking. It’s so closed minded. Questioning authority is a fundamental building block for this constitutional republic. Who’s held accountable when no one is able to question? 

Are these pharmaceutical companies held accountable for these experimental vaccines? Nope. Zero liability. 

Will the government be held accountable? When having a medical issue do you get a second opinion? Or is it a one size fits all? A company with 100 employees or more need to be vaccinated but 99 or less need not to be vaccinated. Congress and thousands of their staffers are exempt from the jab. 

The mainstream media has one narrative issued by the government. Any other opinion or facts is misinformation. 

If a doctor has a conflicting opinion or facts against “The Science” he/she runs the risk of having his/her medical license taken away. 

Anyone who uses their own discernment or implements critical thinking should see this makes no sense. This should raise great concern. A one-sided argument in my experience is a bad way to make an informed decision. 

The power accumulated over the past 18 months by theses politicians should scare you. They push the fear of this pandemic and set parameters and keep moving the goalposts. 

Whether it’s former president Trump or President Biden, we have to dial back their power. They are ruling with fear and politics and ignoring the science. They are drunk on power and the United States better wake up.

Andy Beck


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