When I was a teenager, I remember seeing a movie in the theater with a woman whom I respected very much. The movie had finished and everyone was standing to leave. As I did the same, the woman told me to sit and watch the credits. 

It made no sense to me why we would sit around just to watch the names scroll by. So when she asked me to sit and wait, I wondered: is she trying to avoid the rush leaving the theater? Or maybe she thought there was a post-credit scene no one else knew about? I didn’t see any benefit to us waiting. 

With a puzzled look on my face, I sat. 

She explained: There were many people who worked hard to create this movie, and they deserve our respect to sit and watch as their names go by. 

At first, I thought it sounded stupid. The people who created the movie would never know whether or not I saw their names. 

But her comments made me think about signs of respect and what purpose they have.

Setting aside my own, selfish intentions, I’ve realized showing and receiving respect benefits for everyone.  Respect helps society build feelings of trust and safety. Respect helps bring us together rather than push us apart. 

I think we would all agree that is something we could use more of.  

Ever since that day at the theater I’ve sat through the credits. As I watch the names scroll by, I ponder the ways we can give credit where it is due and show respect where it is deserved. 

Kirsten Faurie is the editor of the Kanabec County Times. She can be contacted at editor@moraminn.com or by calling 320-225-5128. 


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