To the editor, 

One of the foundations of our nation’s democracy is the peaceful transfer of power after an election. President Trump is putting our very democracy at risk by continuing to challenge the election results and claiming wide spread fraud in the election. His actions are causing people to question the fairness of our elections, when they are fair and transparent. 

People I know are putting on Facebook that the election was stolen from President Trump: it wasn’t. Yet they continue to claim it was. In 2016 Donald Trump won the Electoral College while Hillary Clinton received over 3 million more votes than Donald Trump nationwide. Joe Biden and his campaign were very aware of this and concentrated on winning the Electoral College which he did along with 7 million more votes than the president nationwide. For the good of our country President Trump needs to accept he lost and quit trying to overturn the vote of the majority of people in the country.

Closer to home our 8th District Congressman Pete Stauber signed onto the Texas lawsuit to throw out the elections from four states. Thankfully the Supreme Court refused to even here this nonsense. Will Congressman Stauber also vote against certifying the Electoral College this week? If he does it’s just shameful.

Even closer to home our State Senator Mark Koran also signed onto the Texas lawsuit. Why? Suing the state over employee raises and signing onto the Texas lawsuit, what is he thinking?

I believe supporting these unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are tearing our nation apart, and I can’t believe Congressman Stauber and State Senator Koran are supporting this.

Rick Olseen



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