Friday night I’ll pack up my wool socks, blaze orange vest and will be headed to deer camp. Don’t bother calling, don’t email. I won’t answer, and I’m not sorry for it. 

The opening of rifle season is a holiday I won’t miss. Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s a time of big meals and quality time spent together with family and friends. I’d argue it’s even better because any pressure to shop for gifts is replaced with spending time in the woods in quiet contemplation. It’s peaceful and serene — unless of course that big buck comes by — then it’s more exciting than a roller coaster ride. 

Among the best parts of deer camp: No cell service. 

It’s a bit of a dead zone in the remote areas of forest where my family hunts. Without connection to the internet, I let my mind go as quiet as my phone. 

It’s a welcome break from the noise of the world. For those who don’t hunt, I’d encourage you to take your own moments to enjoy some stillness and quiet. 

Kirsten Faurie is the editor of the Kanabec County Times. She can be contacted at or by calling 320-225-5128. 


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