To the editor, 

From a public policy item, I needed to know if Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company best known for one of the COVID-19 vaccines needs quotas? 

Pfizer, is also known for the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. My interest is based on Pfizer’s “Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2020”- published in early 2021- it set up “opportunity parity goals” for 2025 that committed the company to “increasing their minority representation from 19% to 32% for “blacks” and Hispanics employees. Pfizer CEO Albert Bouria called them “concrete goals” to fight “systemic racism and gender equity challenges.” 

The policy in my opinion, is obviously a racist hiring system that Americans should disagree with. The statement about “systemic racism” is not based on facts in my opinion. 

 My belief can be explained this way: Under our federal laws, employers are encouraged to seek diverse work forces, but quota systems are completely unlawful. Even in college admissions, where the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed affirmative action programs, the Court has explicitly said that race quotes are illegal to achieve diversity goals.

 So, why is Pfizer doing this? It’s my opinion, they are locked on to the fact that the core elements of Marxist ideology are now pervasive in the Biden presidency; in American society and culture centers; - in some of our schools, in some of the press, some corporations, in Hollywood movies and in the Democratic party. It is also found often cloaked in deceptive labels such as “progressivism,” “democratic socialism,” “social activism” and “community activism.” 

 The damage to the American people is when a company like Pfizer, hires people based on race rather than qualifications. 

Minnesota is filled with followers who are ignorant of facts and are discouraged not to learn the facts of things, that can be called in question. 

 We cannot permit American Marxism to take hold here.

Today, in 2021 we have a start: we must thank the voters of Virginia, New Jersey and Minneapolis on their issue of a police department. 

 In the past, we had people that asked us to live here (In the USA) as one people, without looking at colors. (Lincoln), (Grant), (B.T. Washington) (MLKjr.) (LBJ) to name a few... 

 My people, the true people from the slavery trade which was created in the United States, in the 1700s, only asked for one thing after my people obtained freedom as a people: respect. No hand outs are needed.   

Charles Strickland, Jr.


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