MORE AND MORE people are advocating term limits for those serving on Capitol Hill in Washington. Many people once they are elected focus on making financial benefits for themselves rather than what’s best for the American people.

We have term limits for the president and for many state legislators, governors and mayors. Why not for the senators and representatives in Congress?

Surveys show a high percentage of Americans want terms limited.

Once you are elected to Congress, there is a lot of pressure put on the individual senator or representative to follow party lines with loyalty or lose position or appointments to various committees. To be truly independent and stand for what you are elected on and serve the best interests of the American people becomes nearly impossible.

Politicians and their friends in lobbying organizations will have nothing to do with term limits.

In order to accomplish term limits, it may take a petition of the American people to bring this as an amendment to the Constitution.

It’s time to consider term limits to affect the positive future of America.

IN MY LIFETIME I have never seen a time when our society was so divided and hostile to each other. There is a lot of anxiety going on with COVID and the Delta variant. We seem to continue to get conflicting reports from the Centers for Disease Control and our government. 

Unemployment is high and so is the demand for employees. Shortages of staff are showing up in restaurants, supermarkets and all types of offices and manufacturing facilities. The people shortage is causing long waits on phone lines. You need to plan to take a day off if you want to get an airline ticket or information by phone.

The bonus employment compensation is ending and some people will be prompted to return or find a job. The high cost of child care is making some families think twice on whether or not they should have two incomes.

Many employers are allowing their employees to continue working at home. Restaurants are losing business and cutting hours and days open. Many signs in restaurants remind customers they are short of staff and they need to be patient.

Gene Johnson is Publisher Emeritus of Press Publications, White Bear Lake, and owner of the Kanabec County Times.


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