Let’s protest peacefully

To the editor, 

Stars gaze down, watching the show

Orchestrating the play, for all we know

Moon turns the page, to sun’s next act

Life rolls on, no turning back

The seeds of rebellion are sown in the womb

When truth breathes fire, justice follows soon

Freedom cries out, life’s first tune

Mother earth hears all, love makes room

Spirit helps those who help themselves

Life conspires to treat them well

When honest, humble, forthright, sincere

Love and light always stop madness and fear

With friends beside me as darkness falls

Firm on the earth, no more feeling small

Standing as one, facing the night

Ready, willing, truth in plain sight

Choice we know is a human right

Everyone owns it, just like sunlight

So, let’s rally together, voices raised

Men and women on the land, not mice in a maze

Meet me at the capital, noon, Saturday, Oct. 23. I’ll be the one holding a sign that says:  “No digital id, No mandates, No CBDC (Central Bank digital currency)….”  Or maybe it’ll just say “No!”

Stacy Blaisdell 


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