To the editor, 

To respond to Mr. Charlie Strickland Jr.’s letter on July 1, it took me three drafts, with the first draft being too “harsh”  on Charlie, and just condensing into the third draft. Anybody, especially former military, should refrain from calling or labeling others as “Communist” or “Socialist,” unless they understand what they are talking about. 

Charlie, as a former marine, don’t you understand that you are among those that enjoy the “benefits” of perhaps the most beneficial “social” program for veterans, the VA system?

I was an Army cook in the MNARNG for six years and do not qualify for any VA benefits, though my unit contained veterans of WWII and the Korean Conflict who were able to receive their VA benefits.

While we are on socialism, let’s think, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, all of which have made life better for millions of Americans, and each program was opposed by the Republicans and are still being singled out to have benefits reduced or eliminated.

In January 2021, we ended an administration that had “no agenda” except to punish any who dared question their actions, and the former president in each and every “rally” did nothing but preach “hate and division,” which to this day still “festers,” with homegrown terrorists coming out of the woodwork.

Mr. Strickland, your time would be better spent seeking to identify and eliminate the real “enemy” of our democracy rather than to show how ungrateful you are towards those that have provided for you in your future years.

Do you remember a remark from Donald Trump when he said, “Those that volunteer for the military are just suckers and losers?”

Charles Davidson


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