To the editor, 

COVID is not over.

It appears many people are acting as if the pandemic is over. When I go into stores, many folks inside ignore the sign that says masks are required for those not vaccinated.  Currently in Minnesota 68% are vaccinated (less than 50% in Kanabec County), and I typically see less than 10% of the customers in masks.

Minnesota is hurting right now from all the patients with COVID. Lately we have had difficulty getting people transferred to hospitals in the metro. Small hospitals do their best for sick people, but they do not have the specialty care that some people need.  

A year ago, I was hopeful when the first vaccine was shown to have great results. I did not think that there would be a controversy about getting the vaccine. I thought everyone would line up to get these life-saving vaccines. The tunnel had a light at the end after all. If only…  

If we had implemented measures to stop the spread, vaccinated a sizable portion of our population and then focused on getting the world vaccinated, we would have prevented many millions from dying.  

I have had folks argue with me about facts related to COVID. One fellow said many people are dying from COVID after they have been vaccinated. He clearly did not understand statistics. Studies from all over the world have shown that the chance of dying from COVID after vaccination is about 20 times less than if that person was not vaccinated.

Another person said that people who are vaccinated can spread the virus, which is true. But since statistics show that those who are vaccinated are far less likely to get COVID in the first place, they wouldn’t spread a virus they didn’t get.  

Yes, we need boosters. There was no way of knowing how many shots would be required in advance. They studied two in the mRNA vaccines and one in the J&J vaccine, so that is what was recommended. The vaccines clearly had sufficient data then to be approved so that they could start saving lives.

Please get vaccinated. We will not get rid of this pandemic until the reluctance to believe science and stop believing misinformation from questionable sources happens.

These are my thoughts and opinions. No other person or organization was involved in writing them.

Terry Johnson


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