think it would be safe to say the past 20months have been some of the most challenging we have faced in school and in life in general.  There have been countless disruptions for all of us.  

Thankfully we have our youngest population, our students, to learn from. They have awakened in me a number of lessons that had fallen off my radar, lessons we might all appreciate:

Enjoy the moment - While reading a book to a kindergarten class, the students taught me the importance of enjoying and living in the moment. They enjoyed listening and interacting with each other.  Let’s enjoy the moment and each other.  

Smile - On Veterans Day we were honored to have some Mora veterans visit Mora High School to greet our students as they entered the building. One veteran shared how nice it was to see our students greet them with a big smile and a good morning. Our high school students are glad to come to school each day and learn from their teachers and be with their classmates. Let’s smile more and appreciate each day to the fullest.  

Be Grateful - This year I had a sophomore come up to me and show me what he had made in welding class. It was a car made out of metal scraps that he had welded together. He was extremely proud of his work, and he thanked me for providing this opportunity to him. Let’s be grateful for all the small things in life and share that gratitude with others. 

Manners Matter - When I was helping serve breakfast at Mora Elementary and lunch at Mora High I noticed how many students came through the line and used their manners. Both “please” and “thank you” were used in abundance, and afterward I felt respected. Let’s remember to use our manners with each other as a sign of courtesy and respect.  

Thank you Mora students for teaching us these valuable lessons that we may have overlooked over the past year. Let’s all try to keep these in the forefront of our minds as we go about our daily lives. We are better when we all work together.

Dan Voce is the Superintendent of Mora Public Schools. He may be reached at


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