DID YOU KNOWthere is one county in the State of Minnesota where graduating students in public and private schools get a two year free tuition to a community college? 

The Frandsen Family Foundation announced recently two years at the Pine Technical and Community College will be free for those graduating from high school in 2021 and 2022 from Pine City High School and private high schools.

In cooperation with the county stimulus funds, there will also be work force training in Pine County at the college.

Along with free tuition, $1,000 will be available to each student for required books. This is an example of what foundations can provide and are doing.

This is the only county in the State of Minnesota that I am aware of that is providing such a program for technical training to fill the voids in the job market. 

FROM OUR NATIONAL Newspaper Association comes the message this week that slower, more expensive mail is in store for the U.S.

The postal service is ready with its plan to slow down the mail and implement aggressive price increases according to the regulatory commission. Planned increases in postage will cost periodicals like this newspaper mailed to you an increase of nearly 9%. There was a 1.5% increase earlier this year.

This slower service could be another step in the downward spiral of the postal service. Those who may suffer the most are in rural areas with community newspapers like this one. All this means subscription prices will have to go up.

Gene Johnson is Publisher Emeritus of Press Publications, White Bear Lake, and owner of the Kanabec County Times.


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