With the advent of another Minnesota snow season comes the concern about the access to work, school, and business.  The safety and convenience of the traveling public is a main concern of the township supervisors of Kanabec County.  The goal of the Townships is to have all roads passable within a reasonable amount of time after a snow fall.

The Supervisors do not assure a completely bare road.  The traveling public is reminded to exercise caution and drive with care and have your vehicle under control at all times.  The legal speed limit may not be possible at all times.


1. Dispatching of snowplow:

The town will usually not dispatch the snow plow until after the snow fall has stopped.  During  extended periods of snow fall, exceptions may be made.  The snowplow will not be sent out in situations that may be hazardous due to restricted visibility.  The snowplow will not be dispatched if the snow fall does not exceed a total of 4 (four) inches.  If snow fall stops during the night or early morning hours, the plow will be dispatched at 5:00 am.  Weekend plowing will be handled in a similar manner.

2. Operations:

Generally, the clearing of roads will consist of three phases:  1. Making the road passable, 2, Widening the road, and 3. Cleaning up.  Dependent on the situation, more than one phase may be accomplished at one time.

3.  Personal Properties:

A.  Mail boxes and fences damaged during snow removal will be evaluated case by case.  Only those mailboxes that were properly located and installed per State Statute 169.072 and which were damaged by actual contact with equipment responsible to the town will be repaired at Town expense.

B.  Town residents are reminded that it is unlawful to plow snow from driveways onto or across public roads.  Piles of snow left on or near the road can freeze into a solid mass, creating a hazardous situation for vehicles and snowplows.  Accidents and damages caused by snow piles placed in the roadway may result in liability to the property owner.  Piles of snow increase the chance of drifting snow onto the roadway.

C.  Town residents are reminded to remove parked vehicles from town roads to assist in snow removal.

D.  The Town vehicles will not attempt to remove stuck vehicles from Town ditches, snow banks, or any other impediment.

E.  When directed by the supervisors or the sheriff’s department, the Town will make every effort to make emergency plowing.

4.  Information:

The Town will be plowing roads in the most efficient order.

For further information contact one of following members of the Town Board of Supervisors in which town you live.

Ann Lake

Paul Hoppe

(320) 272-0033


Fred Sawatzky


Jeff Akkerman

(320) 298-5220


Mike Fetzek

(320) 679-5570


Jim Swaningson

(320) 679-2425

Grass Lake

Steve Johnson

(320) 396-2831


David Larson



Dereke Voge

(612) 390-5045


Rick Voss

(320) 515-0890

Knife Lake

Gene Carda

(320) 679-2408


David Marks

(320) 245-5277


Pat O’Brien

(320) 630-4491


Gerald Schmidt

(320) 384-6071


Dennis Beier

(320) 272-4393


Dave Patenaude

(320) 679-0151

Adopted this 12th day of October, 2021

Kanabec County Township Association

Attest:  Ken Mattson, Secretary

Any obstruction, interference or blocking of a contractor working for a township could face a misdemeanor charge and a $1200 fine.

Published in the Kanabec County Times Dec. 30, 2021


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