Vasaloppet has earned the reputation among the skiing community as being a well-organized race that is uniquely supported by a strong volunteer spirit.  This support is clearly displayed to skiers on race day.  What is less apparent to skiers is the number of businesses, organizations and individuals who financially or in-kind donate toward Vasaloppet.  A popular Vasaloppet event, the Annual Fundraiser, has successfully raised funds through raffles and auctions of donated items since 1982.



An army of 900-1000 volunteers freely offers its time and talents to the many necessary tasks year round and on race weekend.

Vasaloppet becomes part of the newly organized American Ski Marathon Series. During the summer of 1998 Lars and Gun Olsson who own and operate the Nils Olsson Dala Horse Factory in Sweden visit Mora to demonstrate the process of creating Dala horses from blocks of wood. A total of 246 of the brightly painted Dala horses are currently awarded to top skiers in the four Vasaloppet races.

Skiers are now offered a choice to register by mail or online through vasaloppet.org.

Vasaloppet is on the cover of Twin Cities Sports December 1998 issue.

XL-1 is now the official drink of the Vasaloppet.

Electricity is brought to the Bell Tower to power the automatic bell-ringing device.

More than 2600 skiers are registered before the race is canceled due to insufficient snow and heavy rain.

Rebate coupons good for the 2000 Vasaloppet, plus completion medals are mailed to all registered skiers.

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