Vasa 2009

It is becoming common for groups, from across Sweden, to travel to Mora with the purpose to ski Vasaloppet USA.  Usually the 42km Classic race is the race of choice, since the classic technique is most often used in the Swedish Vasaloppet races.  All guests stay with host families and arrive early to enjoy the many pre-events, including the annual barn dance. 



Vasaloppet elite skiers, Chad Giese, Nikolai Anikin and Andre Watt lead summer ski clinics sponsored by the Mora Ski Club.

The Bell Tower is repaired and re-stained by the Mora Lions Club.

Vasaloppet hosts, for the second time, the International Vasaloppet Student Cultural Exchange.  Twelve students and five chaperones attend from Sweden and Japan. All stay with host families in Mora.

The Bed and Breakfast program increases fees to $20/person for skiers to stay with host families the night before the race.

The International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange is held in Changchun, China for the first time. Four delegates represent Vasaloppet USA.  

The Moraloppet, held one week before race weekend, now offers two race lengths, the 7.6km and 15km.

The first Eldris Sprints (938 meters) offers top skiers a chance to win prize money in both male and female divisions. The sprints are held at the Nordic Center.

Gus Hellzen II, representing King Vasa for over 25 years, passes away during Vasaloppet weekend.


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