Vasa 2010

On race day skiers are challenged in many different ways. For the elite skier the race becomes a test of endurance, maneuvering, speed and skill; while the citizen skier may set the goal of just getting to each soup stop before an eventual ski to the finish.  There are other skiers who have a whole different challenge – among them are the skiers who are blind.  These skiers are directed by their guides while traversing the ski course at a surprising pace with skill and confidence right up to the finish line – a truly remarkable achievement.



The state land lease for the ski trail increases in liability insurance to a limit of 1.5 million at a cost of $500 per year.

The first local sponsorship program is started with Kanabec Hospital offering a three-year commitment.

New website address:

The inside of the Bell Tower is totally cleaned out. Screens are placed to keep the pigeons out and a cement floor and drain are added before the Mora Lions repaint the Bell Tower in the fall.

The Vasaloppet road sign indicating the start at Warman is removed – a request from the new owners of the start area.

In June, after adding water and sewer access, supplies have begun to be moved into the newly built Building Three. 

Local businesses and civic organizations plan the debut of the Mora Friendship Tour for any local skier and visiting Vasaloppet guest. Start is at the Nordic Center with the finish at Library Park. Activities include building snowmen, ice-skating, bonfires refreshments and music.

Twenty Vasaloppet bowheads are bought to add to the festive atmosphere of the downtown finish.


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