Vasa 2013

Artists in the area often donate their art to the Vasaloppet fundraiser such as stained glass items, watercolor prints, photos, articles of clothing, carvings, metal sculptures, pottery, furniture and more.  A few artists go a step further.  They create a larger piece of art that Vasaloppet can display in the community.  Through planning and project grants, Keith Raivo creates a winner’s sculpture, a ‘rune’ stone and a set of three award platforms, all carved from stone, for placement in front of Headquarters.  The unveiling of the art pieces is held in January with Vasaloppet board members and city officials.



Future Traks funds the purchase of a Yellowstone Groomer to be pulled by snowmobile. Cost is $3,600.

Logging on the 35km trail is scheduled by the DNR; involves about 25 acres per year.

The high school ski team begins to use The Garage for their pasta feeds.

It is the first year of offering a celebration tent with bands scheduled to play on Thursday and Saturday.

The race is shortened due to lack of snow. All races start and lap Knife Lake before skiing south into downtown. Members of the Vasa relay teams also start together at Knife Lake and will follow the 13km course into downtown.

A snowstorm arrives during the race. The worst of the storm is delivered after the end of the race.

Skiers are surveyed for their opinion on switching  from a Sunday race to a Saturday race.

A task force committee for snowmaking is organized.

Rita Sundberg retires after serving 21 years as a Vasaloppet Board member.


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