Another Mora native skier earns the winner’s wreath. Paul Olson, who as a young skier had won the Moraloppet and 13km race, now breathlessly wins the 35km by one second.  Unique skiing conditions occur when all race lengths are shortened and scheduled as laps on Mora Lake.  The 35km race becomes a 9.6km sprint – Olson’s type of race.  In 2017, Olson will win his second 35km race, again by one second.



Immediately starting with the end of the 2014 race, Vasaloppet markets the switch from a Sunday race to a Saturday race. Sunday becomes Family Day with the Miniloppet (children’s race), Skijoring (skiing with dogs) sponsored by the Mora Ski Club and the return of the spark sled races now organized by BADGES.

Clayton Berg, Lee Hemness, Marlen Black and Marnel Black are recognized and honored at the annual road crossing dinner for their dedication in serving as road crossing volunteers every year since 1973.

This is Thelma Olds’ last year after 20-plus years of inscribing the class descriptions on the Dala horse awards.

Mora Lake was the only area that had enough snow to hold a race. Luckily, during the week of the race, a light snow flurry came through the area, enough to plow the skiff of snow on the entire lake into a long windrow to use as the course.  

The race distances are greatly reduced with the longest length of 16km, but this gives the opportunity for skiers to race, for an additional fee, more than one race. 52 skiers finish a double or triple Vasaloppet that day.

The Mora Classic Series adds the ‘Motion Series,’ that allows any Vasaloppet ski race to qualify for the skiing portion of the four event Motion Series award.

In March, six Vasaloppet USA representatives attend the International Vasaloppet Skiing Exchange held in Asahikawa, Japan.


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