Vasa 2017

Except for the first three years, the Vasaloppet Board of Directors organizes each year’s events.  The first board was established in the spring of 1975 with Glen Johnstone serving as president for the first 12 years. Fifteen more presidents follow, with each serving an average of two consecutive years.  Presidential duties include leading meetings, speaking at events, general leadership, plus engaging in the regular tasks each had been assigned as a board director.  The first and only gathering of all Vasaloppet presidents, plus the current vice-president, happens in the summer of 2017.  



Due to the past difficulties of not having enough snow, the Board approves the motion to abandon the 58km course.

In the summer of 2016, a group of volunteers cut new trail, disk, smooth and seed an area north of the Nordic Center that was earlier logged.

A kiosk is built between the Nordic Center and the Garage. 

A donation button for snowmaking is added to the Vasaloppet website.

A few of the Kranskullas “toss the football” to represent Mora in the MN Vikings marketing video for hosting the 2018 Super Bowl.

Visiting high school ski teams are now charged to ski at the Nordic Center.

Reduced race registration fees are in place for high school and college skiers.

The Mora Friendship Tour is discontinued.

The Saturday races continue to be lap races with a 14k loop on the Nordic Center trails with a start and finish downtown.

First drone video is produced of the race start.

There are 125 trees planted around the Nordic Center area during the spring.

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