Town ball

With Freeport backing out, Mora and Quamba had a friendly exhibition game on Saturday,  May 21, in Quamba. Lucas Athey Jr. (No. 6), prepares to hit as catcher Jasen Siems calls the next pitch. 


The Blue Devils and Quamba Cubs got together for a friendly non-league rivalry game on Saturday, May 21 in Quamba. Both teams were to play Freeport that day but Freeport couldn’t scrap up enough players to make the trip so Mora and Quamba compromised to get players some work in during the young season. Quamba won 6-2 in 7-innings. 

Only Nathan Nelson and Derek Graves collected hits for the Blue Devils. Bryce Norby and Nathan Nelson scored for Mora. Bryce Haw, of Milaca, struck out five Cub’s batters but allowed six runs (five earned) in three innings of work. Brett Johnson then worked two innings, striking out two batters while not allowing any runs. Josh Oslin then eased in a strong inning, striking out the side in the sixth inning. Quamba stats were unavailable but Chase Oslin collected the win after four innings of work. Logan Sjoberg worked three innings for the Cubs. 

On Sunday, May 22, the Mora Blue Devils took on a very good Champlin LoGators team at Peterson Field in Qumaba. The Blue Devils put up eight runs, including five runs in the bottom of the seventh inning but came up short in a 9-8 loss. 

Logan Graves led the charge with two singles and an RBI. Matthew Peters hit a home run and collected two RBIs. Derek Graves threw three innings and allowed four earned runs while punching out three LoGators. Byrce Norby also struck out three batters but allowed three earned runs in two innings of work. Matthew Peters pitched the seventh inning and allowed two earned runs while striking out one batter. The LoGators also beat the Quamba Cubs 4-3 later that day.

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