Mora Tennis seniors Ada Krueger, Emma Anderson, Ella Anderson, Katie Yoder. Not pictured: Ria Edberg.


Mora girls Tennis Head Coach Mara Sjodin shares about the upcoming 2021 season:

Describe the make-up of this year’s varsity team: This year, our varsity team is made up of a few returning varsity players and many new players. The girls on the varsity team share a competitive attitude and are ready to have a more normal season this year.  Ada Krueger, a senior captain, is back for her final season and looking stronger than ever. New to the varsity lineup this year is Lauren Kohlgraf and Annelise Moe, who both have made tremendous improvements over the last year. They each had their first tennis season last year and will be big contributors to our team this year.

What are the team’s goals and priorities this season?: Our goal this year is to persevere through anything we’re facing, both on and off the court. We’re working to develop grit and a winning mindset and carry that through into future seasons.

How are your opponents looking this year?: We’re always looking forward to a match with Pine City. They have a strong tennis tradition and have been very tough in past years. It will be fun to see what we can do against a very challenging opponent.

What do you hope these young athletes will take away from their sports experience?: I hope that all young athletes build on the idea of teamwork.  Collaboration and communication are skills that people need for the rest of their lives.  If kids can learn these things early on, they will be better off down the road.  

Is there anything else you want to share about the team or Fall 2021 season?: We’re hopeful for a successful season and we anticipate many opportunities to grow.  Our fingers are crossed for a “normal” season, and we hope all of our athletes stay healthy.

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