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Korbin Kahle celebrates one of his two goals vs Prairie Centre on Tuesday, Dec 21. Mora won 9-3. 


The Mora hockey team evened up their record to 3-3-2 Tuesday, Dec. 21, at the Mora Civic Center by beating the Prairie Centre North Stars in convincing fashion. The Mustangs netted nine goals and 19 points on 23 shots-on-goal and held Prairie Centre to three goals on 15 shots. 

Mora scored on 70% of their power plays (3 for 4), while Prairie Centre scored one goal in three power play opportunities. The North Stars served 16 minutes in the penalty box on eight infractions, and Mora had seven infractions and sat 14 minutes in the penalty box. 

Mora scored their first three goals of the game at even strength. The first goal was scored by Carter Ashworth, assisted by Jack Kritzeck, one minute and five seconds into the game. Parker Mitchell scored unassisted about a minute later to give Mora a quick 2-0 lead. Carter Ashworth scored his second goal 10 minutes into the first period. Assisting Ashworth’s second goal was Hunter Cokley and Korbin Kahle. Just before the first period ended, Korbin Kahle, assisted by Jack Kritzeck and Austin Rudek, utilized a power play to make it 4-0. 

Mora’s Daniel Stillday was the first to score in the second period, assisted by Tayven Peterson. Jack Kritzeck scored on a power play, assisted by Parker Mitchell. It was 6-0 before North Star’s Jesse Williams scored their first goal of the game. Mora took back control when Korbin Kahle scored, assisted by Parker Mitchell, making it 7-1 to conclude the second period. 

Prairie Centre’s Eli Fletcher made it 7-2 about a minute into the third period. Mora’s Hunter Cokley, assisted by Jack Kritzeck, made it 8-2 right before Prairie Centre’s Owen Christians scored on a power play to make it 8-3. The final goal of the evening was scored by Mora’s defenseman, Trenton Fore, assisted by Carson Donaghue, to make it 9-3. 

Mora’s goalie Presley Patrin finished the night with a .857 save percentage, allowing only two goals on 14 shots-on-goal. Senior Derrick Diethelm manned the goal for the bulk of the third period, allowing one goal. 

Jack Kritzeck led the team in points with four (one goal, three assists). Korbin Kahle and Parker Mitchell each added three points of their own. Hunter Cokley and Carter Ashworth had two points each and Tayven Petersen, Daniel Stillday, Trenton Fore, Austin Rudek and Carson Donaghue all contributed points as well. 

Leading the squad in goals was Korbin Kahle and Carter Ashworth, as they each scored two goals. It was a well-rounded team performance. 

“Tonight’s success was a tribute to following Coach Nolt’s game plan,” said senior Korbin Kahle. “We just went out there to achieve the goals we set before the game. Once we went out there and battled in front and played a good defensive zone the goals naturally came.”

Ten different players contributed points. Kahle reflected why this year’s team is experiencing team success. “This team is a special group of guys who mesh really well together,” said Kahle. “Everyone gets along with everyone and it’s so fun to be in the locker room with the guys everyday. They all come to compete everyday and give their best effort. Together I believe the group can accomplish a lot and have a run in the playoffs.”

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