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This year’s Mora Nordic ski team seniors and captains are (l-r) back row:  Jake Felger, Captain Tommy Mulford, Captain Lily Erickson, Captain Mattea Van Hale, Brianna McKinnon and Skylar Mattson. Front row: Margo Niskanen, Eva Holmgren, Ria Edberg and Maren Sanders. 


With commitment, accountability and respect at their core, the The Mora Nordic ski team has a reasonable expectation to compete at the state tournament. A switch to Section 7 will mean Mora skiers will compete with schools that, like Mora, are small but tend to have strong ski programs. 

Head Coach Peter Larsen provides more insights into the upcoming season: 

Describe the makeup of this year’s varsity team:

On the boys side our top returner will be Tommy Mulford. He individually qualified for the state meet last season and is looking to lead the team to more success this year. Zethan Schultz and Ted Anderson are also top returning skiers- they will also be leading the rest of the team demonstrating the hard work it takes to get to post-season racing.

On the girls’ side only one senior graduated from the varsity team of last year. The girls will be looking to repeat their trip to the state meet although out of a different section this season, the returning team from last year are Nora Kerr, Tayah Anderson, Mattea VanHale, Lily Erickson, Lola Schwinghamer and Anneliese Moe—the team will certainly be rounded out with any of a number of up and coming skiers who didn’t ski varsity last year.

What are the team’s goals and priorities this season?

We have six team values that were determined at our summer leadership camp with the junior and senior athletes- these are our guiding principles for the season and will help us achieve our goals. 

They are: 

1. being committed and dedicated to excellence 

2. being professional and accountable 

3. being inclusive of all teammates 

4. have and showing respect for the sport, self, teammates, competitors and coaches 

5. communicating effectively with all team members

6. and most importantly having fun.

The team will keep these values at the forefront of everything we do and that will help lead to our success. 

The goal of the team is for both boys and girls’ varsity team to not just qualify for the state meet, but perform well at that event. The ultimate goal of the program however is to develop a love for skiing and instill the team values in all the athletes in the team. 

How are your opponents looking this year? What schools do you believe will be the most challenging competitors?

We have moved to Section 7 for this season, which is effectively the arrowhead schools along with us and Grand Rapids. This is exciting for us as it is smaller schools than we had been racing but with good ski programs- similar to our school and team. On the girls’ side Duluth East and Grand Rapids were the state qualifiers from last season and both teams did not graduate many seniors from last years team as well. For the boys, Duluth East also looks very tough and didn’t graduate any seniors from their top boys last year.

What do you hope these young athletes will take away from their sports experience?

Our team values are useful no matter what our athletes do after high school, but our other hope is that they continue to ski and participate in the awesome ski and ski racing culture that Mora and Minnesota has to offer.

Is there anything else you want to share about the team or Winter 2021-2022 season?

Our home meet is Dec. 16 in the afternoon and evening, hoping to race under the new lights installed by the Vasaloppet.

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